Bronzing awards and keepsakes in copper, nickel or 24k gold

A bronzed Award or Trophy to remember the achievements will be cherished.


The Bronzing Studio has professional staff with 50 years experience in bronzing/electroplating on all sorts of materials.If you are looking for something more creative, than we are the right company for you.We are the only Australian company to provide this unique service.We can bronze anything for corporate awards, sports awards, recognition awards, employee awards with items you provide us and we can provide a service to help you in making the creative choices. Could you get excited giving something special that no other person will have? To keep memories is rich history and should be passed on for generations to come. The bronzed awards serve as beautiful keepsakes to remember the heroes they once were and still are. Any personalized item of yours or a loved one can be coated in copper, nickel or 24 k gold limited only by your imagination

The 9 things that make The Bronzing Studio services UNIQUE:

  1. Custom “One of” special corporate awards to capture personalized impressions of your company.
  2. Unique Sports  award/footy boots, footballs, golf balls, tennis rackets,cricket bats, hockey sticks, etc.
  3. Employee Recognition awards for the special person.
  4. Creating unique gift ideas from items you provide us.
  5. The only Australian owned company to provide this specialised service.
  6. Professional staff with 50 years experience in the electroplating field.
  7. Reliable service and consultancy
  8. Our finishes are maintenance free
  9. We offer a service for sculptors and artists

We also provide an electroforming service. This is a process of manufacturing a product without expensive tooling costs

Things we have bronzed/electroplated for sports and corporate companies: Vinyl records, spanners, hammers, hard hats, bricks, work boots, rubber gloves, stethoscopes, sleep apnea face masks, sailors caps, coffee beans, jeans, cotton shirts, footy boots for the NRL and AFL, soccer balls, golf balls, tennis balls, tennis rackets, cricket bats and hats, motor-racing boots, sailing gloves.