Baby Items

You are looking for an original and unique gift idea for a loved one that you can’t find?

Parents, especially mothers are very sentimental and can see the value in having baby shoes or any baby memorabilia bronzed.

The Bronzing Studio specializes in bronzing baby items in bronze, nickel or 24 K gold such as baby shoes, dummies, hospital ID bands or even toys.

Our electroplating process allows you to eternalise your or your loved one’s childhood memories for a lifetime.

With this technique, we can help you to create a fabulous present for baby shower, birthday or even christmas, limited only by your imagination.


If you are interested in our service, Click here to download order form

Or contact us at this adress:

40/5 Anella Avenue

Tel : 00612 9899 9122
Fax : 00612 9899 1622
Email :

How we make bronzing shoes

Pictures of our Bronzing Baby Items

4 thoughts on “Baby Items

  1. Would you be able to bronze a leafy seadragon? I found one on the beach and it is currently in the freezer.

    Many thanks
    Janis Beil

    • Hi Janis, Yes we can electroplate the sea dragon. Please give us a call on 9899 9122 on discuss what finish you want.
      The Bronzing Studio

  2. Hi I have two dummies I would like bronzed. do I just mail them to you, would like the. Rinse is there an antique looking bronze, thanks look forward to hearing from u. Thanks kim

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you for enquiring. Just send the dummies to us and include 500gr overnight satchel. Yes we can do an antique look.
      The Bronzing studio

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